“Director John M. Scherer, along with his cast and crew, did a fantastic job in maintaining a high production value throughout the film. Hollywood’s current high is rejuvenating superheroes we saw when we where kids, but Broken Wings tries to spark a new hero called The Sparrow. I do not want to give away too much of the film but I love how the film focuses on the identity of the Sparrow and its significance rather than the character itself. The musical score was absolutely magnificent and the cinematography is beautiful.”

Sun Spin Media


“Before the end of Broken Wings, I already was hoping a sequel was in the works so I could follow this story to satisfy my piqued curiosity. The writing and haunting feel of the film, aided by appropriate gritty locations nabbed in Buffalo, NY, pulled me into the intrigue of the world of the unsung underground superhero.”

Josie DiVincenzo, Actress and Adjunct Professor of Acting at Niagara University


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